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Customer experience

We knew we were #1 at what we do. Nice to know that a top IT analyst firm agrees!

We provide omnichannel customer engagement software, powered by knowledge. According to Gartner’s just-published critical capabilities report on customer engagement, our average score for digital engagement and knowledge management at 4.5 out of 5.0 is the highest among all the 14 vendors evaluated! We are not surprised. After all, we are a pioneer with more than decades of experience in both those spaces, and we lead the industry in the breadth and depth of supporting digital channels such as messaging, virtual…

Cloud-based customer engagement

Rumors of the demise of scheduled maintenance downtime are not exaggerated, thanks to eGain Cloud AlwaysOn™!

We just announced the immediate availability of the eGain Cloud AlwaysOn, an industry-first offering of its kind in the customer engagement applications space. It slays the scheduled maintenance downtime dragon, raising the bar on availability and disaster recovery. The Always-On Customer Age is already upon us. According to Pew Research, 77% of American adults go online daily with 26% being hyper-connected, saying they go online “almost constantly.” Moreover, customer expectations for availability, response, and resolution times keep increasing with 66%…

AI guidance in the contact center
Artificial Intelligence

Contact Center AI– Sorry, No Chasm, No Trough!

Geoffrey Moore wrote about the dreaded “chasm” in his hi-tech marketing bible, Crossing the Chasm, where technologies go to die if they don’t gain traction among mainstream buyers, and Gartner talks about the “trough of disillusionment” in their hype cycle—e.g., AI earlier in customer engagement and everywhere—where many technologies perish or take years to get out of, if at all. Sorry, no such thing for AI in the Contact Center this time around. eGain has many killer use-cases and real-world…

Knowledge plus AI
Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Consistency Vital for AX and CX; AI-Infused Knowledge is the Key

This is an extract from an interview* that eGain’s SVP of Marketing, Anand Subramaniam, gave to Contact Center Pipeline for their feature article, Blending AI With Support. It has been restructured for this blog. What is the key to improved customer (CX) and agent experiences (AX)? Delivering a consistent knowledge experience is key to driving value for both customers and agents. I can cite two surveys to support my claim: A survey of contact center customer service agents where they told us…

Contact center customer service

Want to Improve Agent Experience (AX) and thus CX? Don’t Put the Management Cart Before the Enablement Horse!

Contact center agent churn is estimated at 35-45% with US contact centers alone bleeding $10B in attrition costs per year!  As self-service systems get smarter, agents are going to get more complex questions to answer, problems to resolve, and advice to provide. However, even while the world is fast going digital (including things, customers, agent, and the business), their voice-first desktop is antiquated. Agents have limited or no capabilities to handle digital channels well, and they have no easy access…

Contact center customer service

The US and the UK: Arguably divided by the same language, but undoubtedly united by the same contact center agent pain points

George Bernard Shaw famously said that the US and England were divided by a common language. He would not say the same about contact center agents—CSRs in both geographies are in total agreement about the biggest hurdles to providing good customer service. In an industry-first survey of hundreds of agents, contact center agents worldwide cited the following as their top challenges: Finding the right answers to customer questions: 26% Different systems or information sources give different answers: 25% Hopping from…

Agent experience

Want to fix CX? Take Mark Felt’s (aka Deep Throat’s) timeless advice—follow the money pain!

Word from the horses’ mouths: Only 1% of companies deliver “excellent” customer service, per Forrester’s recent CX Index consumer research. The needle hasn’t moved for years and years. How can businesses address this?  I don’t mean to channel the sage advice “Deep Throat” dished out to Woodward and Bernstein—Follow the Money—but it is a logical approach to solving the problem. In fact, we have already done it for you. We (Forrester on our behalf) started by asking 5000 consumers what…