eGain World

eGain World San Jose: Un-Hillaried but Unparalleled!

I have nothing against Hillary Rodham Clinton, who seemed to be everywhere in the Valley this year with vendors stampeding over each other to get her to speak at their conferences. Instead of doing a “Me, Too” on HRC, we decided to stand out by placing an undiluted focus on omnichannel customer engagement for eGain World! Keynote by Ashu Roy, eGain CEO on delivering easiER customer experiences with a demonstration of a hassle-free journey of a healthcare consumer with Robert…

eGain World

eGain World 2014: Engagement, Innovation and Enthusiasm

This was my first eGain World and as a former member of the Exony team a great opportunity to get to know the wider eGain community of customers and partners. From reactions to the keynotes (standing room only!), it was clear that omnichannel customer engagement is very high on the business agenda for a lot of the folk attending. The advantage of an event like eGain World over more conventional conferences is the strong sense of shared goals and issues….

Customer experience

When it comes to customer experience, take a “whole-chain” approach for success

Businesses pay a lot of attention to their supply and demand chains as they make and take products to market – and for good reason. What they often forget is the experience chain, or how the experience of in-house or partner sales and service agents (including outsourcers) affects the end-customer experience. Instead of taking a “whole-chain” approach to improving experiences, they fixate on and fix parts of the chain, only to fail or realize limited success from their experience initiatives….

Omnichannel customer engagement

You need the shopping cart and the findability horse to move product on the web!

Web retailers justifiably focus on reducing shopping cart abandonment. Real-time customer engagement tools like proactive offers, chat, and cobrowse can surely help here, and so can best practices outside technology. However, you need the shopping cart and the findability horse to “move” product (no pun intended) in a big way. Shoppers go through three distinct steps in their purchase process when they are on a website—find the product they need, decide or select among alternatives (including not buying), and buy….