Want to fix CX? Take Mark Felt’s (aka Deep Throat’s) timeless advice—follow the money pain!

Word from the horses’ mouths: Only 1% of companies deliver “excellent” customer service, per Forrester’s recent CX Index consumer research. The needle hasn’t moved for years and years. How can businesses address this?  I don’t mean to channel the sage advice “Deep Throat” dished out to Woodward and Bernstein—Follow the Money—but it is a logical approach to solving the problem. In fact, we have already done it for you. We (Forrester on our behalf) started by asking 5000 consumers what…

When it comes to customer experience, take a “whole-chain” approach for success

Businesses pay a lot of attention to their supply and demand chains as they make and take products to market – and for good reason. What they often forget is the experience chain, or how the experience of in-house or partner sales and service agents (including outsourcers) affects the end-customer experience. Instead of taking a “whole-chain” approach to improving experiences, they fixate on and fix parts of the chain, only to fail or realize limited success from their experience initiatives….