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eGain World San Jose: Un-Hillaried but Unparalleled!

I have nothing against Hillary Rodham Clinton, who seemed to be everywhere in the Valley this year with vendors stampeding over each other to get her to speak at their conferences. Instead of doing a “Me, Too” on HRC, we decided to stand out by placing an undiluted focus on omnichannel customer engagement for eGain World!

  • Keynote by Ashu Roy, eGain CEO on delivering easiER customer experiences with a demonstration of a hassle-free journey of a healthcare consumer with Robert Weideman (EVP and GM, Enterprise Division, Nuance), powered by next-gen technologies from eGain and Nuance
  • Presentation of groundbreaking research by CEB on what truly creates customer loyalty
  • Omnichannel innovation, including real-time collaborative services for their clients’ customers at CompuCom
  • Cisco on how to deliver business outcomes with the combined omnichannel power of Cisco and eGain
  • Demos, training and much more!

Attendance made me wonder if it was the Fairmont or the nearby Levi’s Stadium, and feedback from customers, partners, and prospects has been overwhelmingly positive! We look forward to the next one and perhaps have HRC talk about the importance of omnichannel voter engagement, which might be particularly relevant for her in 2016!

P.S. I have to confess that the term “unhillaried” was coined from the memorable ad “7-Up, the Uncola” from years ago, featuring Geoffrey Holder. One can see some parallels here, but no parallels to eGain World when it comes to the business value for attendees!


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