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Uncle Sam, you can go from cellar to stellar in citizen services

Unfortunately for citizens, the government did not fare well in the Forrester’s 2015 US Customer Experience Index, to say the least. Moreover, in a survey of 5000 consumers by Forrester Consulting on the biggest pain point in citizen service, respondents said that inconsistency of answers among contact center agents was their biggest issue (56.2%), followed by lack of knowledge among agents (35.6%) and findability of answers on government websites (26.9%) . So the solution is pretty straight forward – an omnichannel customer engagement platform and rich, easy-to-use apps for knowledge management (KM), including conversation-style help with case-based reasoning that can guide agents and end-customers to answers and decisions, while walking them through steps that are in line with best practices and ever-changing regulations. That’s exactly what eGain offers with our undisputed leadership in KM in product capabilities, domain expertise and value delivered.  So whether it is Uncle Sam or his state and local government nephews and nieces, talk to us ASAP and trounce all the other industries in the 2016 CX ratings! You can then grab the wine in the cellar to celebrate the occasion next year rather than stay in the cellar in rankings!


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