Omnichannel customer engagement

You need the shopping cart and the findability horse to move product on the web!

Web retailers justifiably focus on reducing shopping cart abandonment. Real-time customer engagement tools like proactive offers, chat, and cobrowse can surely help here, and so can best practices outside technology. However, you need the shopping cart and the findability horse to “move” product (no pun intended) in a big way.

Shoppers go through three distinct steps in their purchase process when they are on a website—find the product they need, decide or select among alternatives (including not buying), and buy. While the shopping cart figures in the “buy” stage, shopping abandonment often happens in the “find” and “decide” stages. Websites are littered with SKU explosion and clutter, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the consumer to find what they need. When shoppers somehow stumble upon options, they are again unable to find comparative information about alternatives or relevant offers that can help them “select” before the shopping cart even comes to the picture. How can retailers not only fix shopping cart abandonment but go beyond that to address the larger issue of shopping abandonment? How can they ride the shopping cart and the findability horse for better web sales? Read more!


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